Sunday, November 12, 2006

Budgie's Grudge

My flighty little life has changed a lot recently, and I can’t say it helps to hear all about the fun my human, Annie Durbin is having without me. As I understand it (I know my brain is only the size of a grain of rice), I am taking up temporary residence with my human’s sister’s family. I am more than a little concerned about this because there are little humans who are only gently scolded when they bang on my cage.
My new roost is actually not so bad, after all I am being fed more regularly, my water is changed before it is stale, and I needn’t compete with loud voices nearly so often as before. Actually, I am more in need of a little romantic advice. There is this bird, she’s pretty good looking, nice breast, and not to puff my plume, looks an awful like yours truly. The problem? Well, I’m banging my head against the cage to get near her, cooing and chirping and purring, but she stays so close but so far away. I guess I should just forget her (to tell the truth, I don’t think there’s much personality there…she just mirrors my every move).
Ah, me. How I long to be following in the talon prints of my forefathers and ride on the shoulder of a worthy captain. Imagine my squawk when I overheard that Annie and her family are at sea, and without a domestic bird, no less. If they are content with just spotting ospreys and eagles, that’s fine… but who could have been there to cheer them up with his happy cheeping when the squall rocks their vessel, who could have been there to carefully pick clean the captain’s beard, who could have been there to realize the name “poop deck” ? Me, that’s who.
Well, I guess all I can do is attempt to feather my nest playing the “boarded pet” card and hope Annie brings me back some nice Cuban cigar-tree seeds or some Mexican “magic beans”.