Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sailing into the Big Apple 10/10

The two days on the Hudson river fairly flew by, especially this afternoon when we had he outgoing tide with us. The boat speedometer read 7.0 knots through the water, but sine the current was 2.5 3 knots, we were really moving towards New York at 9.5-9.8 knots.
The mountains and the palisades (300-500 foot walls of columnar basalt) were spectacular. Around noon we passed West Point .
The water between Manhattan Island and New Jersey was extremely choppy due to the tide running against opposing winds and the incessant traffic of ferries and water taxies,; we we're arriving just at rush hour.
The weather, however, was unseasonably warm, skies blue, and for the first time on our trip we are running south!
We’ll stay here for a couple of days and then brave the North Atlantic along the New Jersey coast.