Monday, October 02, 2006

Mary Ann, Sarah and Annie Arrive 9/30 -10/1

Sam and I spent Saturday cleaning and lashing down the mast, bimini and big sailbags on deck. Then we pumped out (the holding tank) and found a dock on the canal next to a park.

Mary Ann, Sarah, and Annie got to the boat at about 6:30 PM and we enjoyed dinner on the boat and catching up. I hadn’t seen Mary Ann or Annie for about 10 days.
After morning mass, we breakfasted at the Towpath Cafe (French toast great, sourdough pancakes made with very sour dough). We then visited Niagara Falls (10 miles away), an amazing spectacle, before taking off this afternoon for Lockport, NY. We’ll all miss Sarah very much.
On the Erie Canal we are enjoying a beautiful, cool, fall day. Much of the canal is undeveloped with aspen trees growing naturally along the banks and aster blooming beneath.
Everybody wants to steer the boat right now; I hope that will still be true in a month. We’ll be traveling through some Erie Canal locks later.